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Golgi Complex,Dalton Complex,Lipochondria

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It is present in all the eukaryotic cells except RBCs and prokaryotes.

It is surrounded by zone of exclusion i.e. clear region where ribosome, mitochondria and storage granules are absent.

They originate from ER.

It exist in two forms:-

1 Localised form/Golgisome — Have fixed position near nucleus e.g. Vertebral cells.

2. Diffused/Isolated/Dictyosomes — Golgi apparatus is scattered in the cytoplasm e.g.,plant cells.


Golgi apparatus have definite polarity :

1. Distal maturing/Trans face — Concave,facing towards plasma membrane.

2. Proximal forming/Cis face — Convex,receive material from ER and cytosol in the from of transitional vesicles.


It is made up of three parts

1. Cisternae — Sac like,branched,more towards forming side.

2. Vacuole — Sac like,present near maturing face.

3. Tubules — Tube like, branched, more towards forming side.


Golgi Complex

Golgi Complex

The main enzyme of Golgi Complex is nuclesoside diphosphatase.



1. It is component of intracellular transport system.

2. It modifies the materials like proteions,carbohydrates,sterols etc. And store them.

3. They form secreting vesicles that discharge their contents to the exterior e.g., Tears,sweat,saliva,hormones etc.

4. They carry out membrane transformation.

5. It forms lysosomes.

6. It forms acrosome in sperms.

7. They carryout recycling of plasma membrane.

8. The production of hormones in some endocrine glands is mediated through Golgi apparatus. e.g., Thyroxine in thyroid gland.

9. Golgi Complex produce pigment granules in tumour/cancer cells.

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